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International translating company

ITC was founded in 1969 in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. With continual service to very dedicated clients, the company established itself as an important partner to many Dallas-based companies. Focusing primarily on translation services, the company continued to grow by winning over additional clients including the occasional Fortune-500 company. Clients new and old placed confidence in ITC’s ability to understand and meet their needs. ITC’s leadership maintained seemingly effortless partnerships with clients and continued to grow through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. During this time the company continued to invest in processes and people, producing quality service that rivaled the best service providers in the industry.

In 2007, ITC augmented its leadership with the addition of more international management depth. The company continued to grow and receive recognition for outstanding contributions to its clients. Not long after, the company expanded locations and moved headquarters to New York, NY. Branching out to Manhattan placed ITC in the center of global commerce and finance. This expansion proved to be a great phase of development for the company by providing access to additional clients and offering incredible opportunities to reach companies in need of world-class processes and quality people. However, ITC’s management was determined to continue its commitment to their smaller clients. Streamlined and scalable processes allowed ITC to meet the linguistic needs of any client.

During this time, ITC expanded the depth of its service to meet clients' needs. It did so conservatively and with the same standard of excellence that clients and shareholders have come to expect from the company.

In 2011, the company opened an additional location in Salt Lake City, commonly known as “The Crossroads to the West”. This expansion helped ITC have its resources closer to West Coast clients and offer business hours to better match those clients. This also helped expand ITC’s operational resource pool, as Salt Lake City’s modern economy is largely service-oriented and a great fit for ITC’s growing business.

ITC Mission Statement

Leverage our expertise to the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Leverage our values to the benefit of our employees and their families.

Leverage our commitment to excellence to the benefit of all.